Annual Meeting 2019

  • Posted on: September 10, 2019 - 10:23

The annual meeting of the LOEWE-research-cluster Software-Factory 4.0 took place in Frankfurt from 2.9.2019 to 3.9.2019. In addition to the members of the LOEWE-research-cluster, guests from universities, companies, and the LOEWE-administration attended the meeting.

Prof. Dr. Heiko Mantel first provided an overview of the progress and plans of the LOEWE-research-cluster as a whole. Subsequently, the leaders of the three project areas presented the previous research results in detail. After presentations of the application clusters Industrie 4.0 and High-Performance Computing, research questions and transfer opportunities were lively discussed with the participation of guests.

Two new professors of TU Darmstadt had introductory talks at the annual meeting. Prof. Dr. Marie-Christine Jakobs is assistance professor for “Semantics and Verification of Parallel Systems” since 1.4.2019 and leads a part project of the LOEWE-research-cluster. Prof. Dr. Kirstin Jakobs is assistance professor for “Theory of Parallel Systems” since 1.7.2019 and is associated with the LOEWE-research-cluster.

After the annual meeting, the second staff meeting in 2019 took place from 4.9.2019 to 5.9.2019. In the staff meeting, Software-Factory 4.0 researchers achieved progress in the application clusters and in part project overarching collaborations.